Commercial installations

Federer Pellets During the construction of the pellet production plant, we were able to apply our experience and carry out the entire electrical installation, such as the medium voltage supply and the safety systems. Especially worth mentioning is the complex PLC-based control of various machine lines, such as the push floor, the conveyor technology and silo management with visual display of the individual sections. All this can be supervised by the elaControl Industry software. A likewise significant part of this showcase project are the individual reports and the remote alarming system.
Drinking water Lajen Ried In cooperation with the municipality, we realised the electrical supply, the installation, the control and measurement instrumentation of the drinking water reservoir Lajen-Ried. The different plant areas were connected in a network and are operated and monitored by a fully automated control system.The two units were equipped with measurement technology, fitted with analysis systems and connected via a fibre optic network. The control is handled by a PLC-supported monitoring system, which can be remotely monitored through our elaControl Industry software.
Drinking water Seceda Our broad experience in the field of automation enables us to combine different plants and areas in a single system. At Seceda we integrated the complex snowmaking system, with the drinking water supply to several alpine mountain huts in our elaControl software.

Automation technology

Cassa Raiffeisen Selva For several years we have overseen the maintenance of the electrical system. In 2019 the facade and exterior design of the building were renovated. In addition to the renewal of the lighting, access controls and gutter heating, a fully automated system for the management of various areas (heating, defrosting, irrigation, etc.) was implemented. Everything can be monitored and controlled remotely via our elaControl software.

Technical snowmaking systems

Seceda The electrical planning, the implementation and the automated system were all completed by ELA. Old infrastructures were upgraded with state-of-the-art technology using PLC’s. The hole plant can be supervised  through our elaControl Snow software and our geo-referenced SnowBile app.
Ciampinoi A digitalized plant, equipped with the latest version of elaControl Snow software, for a simple control and management. With our georeferenced SnowBile app, a quick intervention is possible anywhere and at any time. The system with different voltage levels of 400/690V was potentiated and adapted to the constantly changing conditions. PLCs control the pump systems, which are supplied by medium voltage stations and can be operated with the elaControl Snow software.
Saslong Thanks to the latest extension of the pumping stations and the renewed medium voltage supply, the slopes of the famous Saslong World Cup downhill course will be covered in snow even faster. The supervision is done by our elaControl Snow software.
Lermoos The entire Lermoos snowmaking system is monitored and controlled by our elaControl Snow software. All existing system areas, which previously were realized by third party manufacturers, have been fully integrated into our system.
Jungholz The entire Lermoos snowmaking system is monitored and controlled by our elaControl Snow software. All existing system areas, which previously were realized by third party manufacturers, have been fully integrated into our system.

Home installations

Hotel Panider Sattel In addition to completing the electrical installation in the existing Hotel, we were also able to contribute to the redesign of the wellness area in 2019. By implementing our elaControl Building software, we guarantee energy-efficiency and usability in one compact interface.
Hotel Scherlin The conversion of the upper floor in 2019 created additional rooms and a new spacious rooftop terrace. Due to the long-standing good business relationship, we were able to contribute to the success of this project with the entire electrical installation and the security system..
Hotel Pra Palmer In the 2019 makeover of Hotel Pra Palmer we successfully accomplished the installation of the entire electrical system, the lighting and fire protection system, as well as the whole building automation. Floor and open-space heating and the lighting can be conveniently controlled and managed thanks to the our innovative elaControl Building software..
Private Home Mahlknecht A modern house with 3 apartments for 2 generations. We were able to respond to the individual wishes of the owners and contribute to the success of the project with proper solutions. In addition to the implementation of the entire electrical system, our services also included an access control system and the installation of LED lighting in concrete.
Hotel Markushof The dining room of the Hotel Markushof was redesigned. Due to our efforts in renewing the electrical system and installing the lighting, it now appears in a different and brighter light. Additionally, air conditioning and fire protection systems as well as network extensions have been installed.
Ustaria da Checco Not only did we realize the electrical installation of the entire building complex consisting of eight apartments and a garage, but we were also able to carry out the electrical installation on the ground floor in the restaurant ‘Ustaria da Checco’. The heating and ventilation system with integrated visualisation as well as the lighting, which is controlled by a Dali bus system, can be controlled remotely using our elaControl Building software.